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                    2. RealEstate Development Commercial Operation Shimao Service Hotel Management Themed Entertainment

                      Dance with the Vibrant Urban Vibes

                      From shopping scenes to business offices to the extension of themed entertainment field, Shimao radiates multi-level life forms, covering business modules such as theme parks, ski resorts and sightseeing halls, and successfully builds representative projects in Xiamen and Changchun, continuously enabling the vitality and possibilities of urban life.

                      New Era of IP Entertainment

                      With the multi-dimensional operation methods of original IP incubation, international IP cooperation and IP resource integration, the company steadily grasps the content and quality of IP, endows the entity business with interesting soul, meeting the beautiful re-creation of urban life.
                      Free IP Development

                      Have the ability to control the whole process from IP incubation, landing and output

                      International IP cooperation

                      Rich experience in cooperating with internationally renowned IP Including re-creation of international IP, localized operation and so on.

                      IP Integrated Operations

                      Integrate and output all kinds of IP resources Including IP commodity R&D and operation, IP licensed exhibition /IP pop-up shop, etc.

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