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                    2. ESG Overview Partnership Environment Compliance Philanthropy ESG Report

                      ESG Overview

                      In the past 30 years since its establishment, Shimao has insisted on fine management, continuously strengthened risk control, attached importance to humanistic care, sincere service and support for users, employees and partners, actively engaged in social welfare, giving back to the community with heart and soul, and injecting strong internal drive to achieve sustainable development with the concept of corporate social responsibility and helping people live a better life. More


                      Shimao regards its employees, customers, investors, suppliers and other stakeholders as key participants in sustainable development, and values working with all parties to practice sustainable development, so that Shimao's sustainable influence can be brought together through its partners to create a force for change in society. More


                      Shimao continues to invest in the field of green building, adheres to the path of green and high-quality development, actively develops green technologies, organically combines the vision of energy saving and emission reduction with the concept of architectural design, advocates a green and low-carbon way of life and work, and contributes to the achievement of the dual carbon target and the construction of ecological civilisation. More


                      Given high importance of business ethics, Shimao strictly forbids various improper and corrupt behaviours such as frauds and bribery in the operation, maintains good practices of business ethics and self-discipline; in addition, Shimao actively builds mechanism of anti-corruption cooperation with suppliers and clients in the real estate industry, jointly initiates a corporate anti-corruption alliance, and enhances the business ethics and sustainable development of the company. More


                      Caring society with charity and contributing country with sincerity. Shimao Group injects charity into the core of company development. We are actively involved in various public welfare areas such as rural revitalisation, cultural preservation, medical aid, HIV prevention and treatment, Hong Kong harmony, disaster relief and children's charity, bringing dreams and hopes to thousands of families and individuals. More

                      ESG Report

                      Since 2016, Shimao has published its Sustainability Report for five consecutive years to demonstrate its environmental, social and governance practices to the community. More
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