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                    2. RealEstate Development Commercial Operation Shimao Service Hotel Management Themed Entertainment

                      The Smart Creator of A Better Life

                      Shimao Service Holdings Co., Ltd.(00873.HK), established in 2005, is a leading integrated property management and community-based life service provider in China and was successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in October 2020. Shimao Services is one of the important wings of Shimao Group's "Large Aircraft Strategy" and is ranked No. 7 among the top 100 property management companies and No. 7 among the top 100 most valuable brands in China. With the brand concept of “smart creator of a better life", Shimao focuses on the four core high-energy urban agglomerations of Yangtze River Delta, Bohai Sea Rim, Southern China cities and the Central and Western Chinacities. As of June 30,2022, the contracted area of the company exceeded 333 million ㎡ the area under management exceeded 256 million ㎡, and there were more than 1574 contracted properties, covering 128 cities across the country, including residential buildings, schools、hospitals、office building、Industrial park、transportation hub and other formats, providing comprehensive property management, diversified value-added services ,city services and digital technology business for nearly 3.2 million property owners and users.

                      Shimao Service takes users as its priority, quality as its core, and digital intelligence as its driving force to create "OCEAN X Service System" and "OCEAN OS Management System". Shimao builds a value-added service ecosystem around "users" and "assets", focusing on smart technology services, real estate value-added services, community-based education, new community lifestyle and other sections. With the service mode of "online platform+offline space", Shimao innovatively builds a "0-2km Shimao community new ecology", bringing owners and users a new service experience of Ocean quality, smart interconnection and diversified human cultures, continuously optimizes the value of the whole chain of service industry, and promotes the upgrade from digital ear to smart era and smart city construction in the service industry. In a word, it is committed to becoming China's leading urban full-scene life service provider and leading a new future of community lifestyle in China.

                      Leading Property Management and Community-based Life Service Provider in China

                      ● Deep Blue Quality

                      With users as the first and quality as the core, we create "Shimao-style" high quality with temperature, depth and high granularity. Through the standardization and systematization of services, grid-based management and refinement of service quality, owners and users can enjoy a loving, interesting and warm Shimao community lifestyle.

                      M Smart + Shimao All-mode Service System

                      Shimao Service 1001 Housekeeper

                      OCEAN Full-cycle Service

                      Shimao 5M Service Quality Guarantee Mechanism

                      ● Smart Inter-connection

                      Based on the profound understanding of science and technology innovation, Shimao Service takes Shimao IOT, its high-tech company with double-soft certification, as the platform, joins hands with the leading high-tech Companies such as SenseTime Technology, Unisound, Ali Cloud, Haier Smart Home, Hikvision, etc. To create smart community, smart home, smart property operation, smart hotel, smart business, smart office, smart engineering, smart sales office, etc., and continuously provide owners and users with technology upgrade experience in residential, entertainment and office buildings.


                      With Shimao IOT as the platform, Shimao Service smart community integrates cloud computing, big data, AI artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and other technologies to organically integrate community services, equipment management and owners' life, realizing digital collection of operation data, cloud interconnection of facilities and equipment, intelligent interaction of community services, and providing owners and users with safe, comfortable and convenient services from multiple dimensions such as smart security, smart access, energy consumption management and smart home space.

                      ● Cultural Diversity

                      Shimao Service creates "0-2km Shimao community lifestyle new ecology", focusing on real estate value-added services, community-based education and new community lifestyle, and creating a service model that integrates "online platform + offline space". With "hard-core" resources, professional team and independent operation, it brings beautiful life to owners and users with cultural diversity.

                      Shimao Service Deep Blue Community

                      With the gradual advancement of Ocean x service system in Shimao communities across the country, six themes of Shimao Service Ocean communities are launched, namely Peaceful Ocean, Humanistic Ocean, Growing Ocean, Healthy Ocean, Smart Ocean and Colorful Ocean. It brings the new diversified high-quality services of Shimao Services to every Shimao community, and creates a model of digital smart community with a better life in China.
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